When it comes to selling a business there are many factors that should be included in the equation. Although not an easy decision for most, timing is everything. In order to sell a business quickly, everything from an audit standpoint should be up to date within the past 24 months. Tune into this episode of Financial Cents where we are joined by guest Jason Gove, Vice President at National Bank of Arizona. Jason works closely with clients to provide customized financial strategies and thoughtful financial planning. He gives three tips to business owners looking to sell, exit, or retire from their business. Prior to joining National Bank of Arizona, Jason worked at Griffin Capital, Cole Capital, USAA and Merrill Lynch. As the expert in his field, Jason shares three of the top business selling tips for small, medium and large businesses alike. 

"Can somebody quickly come in and assess the value of the business? Look at the business, look at the financials, and say 'Okay, we know exactly where everything stands?'", says Jason Gove.

Brent Cannon, EVP, director of community banking at National Bank of Arizona is your host of Financial Cents, Arizona’s Financial Podcast. On this podcast Brent and real local bankers answer questions you could only ask a friend in the business, providing insights as to what is happening in the Arizona market. Tune into the latest episode and learn why  National Bank of Arizona is the only bank you need.





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