What is commercial real estate, and how is different than residential real estate? What kind of properties can be financed with commercial real estate loans1? What types of commercial real estate loans are available? How do you get started with investing in commercial real estate? If you’re looking to get started in commercial real estate investment, it can feel a little overwhelming. And that’s because, unlike residential real estate – buying and owning a home – there’s a wide variety of commercial properties out there and just as many different types of financing.


To help explain the ins and outs of commercial real estate, along with the different types of commercial real estate loans available, we turned to Mark Stebbings, executive vice president and director of specialty lending, and Jeff Melsek, real estate commercial portfolio manager.

Since the success of a commercial real estate investment can depend on finding the right financing, Mark and Jeff explain how leveraging your relationship with your banker can help you find a customizable financing solution that’s tailored to your specific real estate transaction.

“Here at National Bank of Arizona, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a smaller community bank and a relationship bank. We are more than willing to help anybody who wants to get started in commercial real estate.”

– Jeff Melsek

With that in mind, Jeff goes on to discuss National Bank of Arizona's new small commercial real estate program1. “We’ve put together a program for commercial real estate financing but tailored it to meet the needs of these first-time or maybe newer commercial real estate investors,” said Jeff.


From going over the different types of commercial real estate loans to leveraging your relationship with your bank to get started, Jeff and Mark draw on their decades of experience in the industry to offer the different types of insights and strategies that you could only get from a friend in the business.


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(1) Loans subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. See banker for details.  NMLS#467014