What does a business need to do if they want to import goods from another country or export goods they produce? How can a bank facilitate imports and exports for Arizona businesses? And finally, who are Arizona’s largest trading partners, and how can businesses leverage that? While doing business across international borders may seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be.


In this episode of Financial Cents, we’re taking a deep dive into international trade in Arizona, from how businesses can trade between countries to what it all means for the Arizona economy. Joining host Brent Cannon, executive vice president and director of community banking, for a lively discussion are two veteran bankers with extensive backgrounds in international trade: Marcos Gary, executive vice president and director of multicultural banking, and Mark Garfield, senior vice president and international banking regional manager.

“Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner, and some of the industries that are very important to Arizona’s international trade are mining, manufacturing of all types, technology and agriculture.” – Marcos Garay

Ultimately, international trade is a key driver of Arizona’s economy – if not directly through importing or exporting goods or services, then indirectly through an interconnected supply chain. The implications for Arizona businesses are enormous, which makes the role of banks like National Bank of Arizona pivotal: they facilitate and finance these international transactions.


Financial Cents is hosted by Brent Cannon, executive vice president and director of community banking, and features real answers to the real questions that Arizona businesses and individuals have about money and finance. Featuring veteran bankers from National Bank of Arizona, each episode delivers the kind of insights you could only get from a friend in the business.



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