During these times of uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus, businesses all over the world are trying to figure out how to best move forward and remain profitable. Should businesses stay on their current course, or should they pivot their business model? Can relationships with their bank be leveraged to keep their business healthy? And for those that acquired Paycheck Protection Program
loans, what should they be doing to ensure those loans are forgiven?


As stay-at-home orders begin to lift and businesses begin reopening, one thing has become all too clear: there’s probably no going back to the way things were before.

“Hopefully everyone has recognized at this point that holding our breath and hoping everything goes back to the way it was is not going to work for any of us.” – Stephanie Sims

In this episode of Financial Cents, hosted by Brent Cannon, executive vice president, director of community banking at National Bank of Arizona, special guests Stephanie Sims and John Lewis talk about strategies businesses can use to stay profitable. John Lewis is a senior vice president and business banking manager at National Bank of Arizona, and Stephanie is the founder of Finance-Ability and author of the book, “Funding Your Business Without Selling Your Soul.”



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