Buying a home, especially for first-time homebuyers, can feel like an overwhelming and lengthy process. How do you determine how much home you can afford? How do you find out what loan program is right for you? How do you get started? As overwhelming as it all may seem, it doesn’t have to be.


Like many things, the homebuying process always runs a lot smoother if you get your ducks in a row first, which means getting prequalified with your lender. A simple way to do that, according to podcast guest Greg Geis is our easy-to-use online mortgage application that helps you get your financial information in order and automatically determine which loan programs may work best and ultimately, get prequalified in as little as 15 minutes.

“Having a prequalification letter arms the buyer with a more serious offer. When your realtor knows that you’ve already met with your lender and had your financials run…it shows you’re a serious buyer.” – Greg Geis

Once you’ve gone through the prequalification process, you can then start deciding which loan program may be best for you. As Greg discusses in this episode, one potential loan program is our One-Time Close construction loan, which allows those looking to build and purchase land to lock in today’s rates to save on closing costs with simplified one-time close construction.


In this episode of Financial Cents, Greg Geis,  senior vice president and retail mortgage production manager, sits down with host Brent Cannon to cover tips for homebuyers and walk you through the process of purchasing a home, from mortgage pre-qualification to closing. Along the way, he’ll offer tips and strategies for first-time buyers who are new to the home buying process.





Financial Cents is hosted by Brent Cannon, executive vice president and director of community banking at National Bank of Arizona, and features bankers from around National Bank of Arizona who offer their financial insights and strategies.


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