What is cash flow, and why is it so important to small businesses? What are some cash flow management techniques? How do cash flow problems arise? For most small business owners, these important questions may not always get the attention they deserve. Because the truth is, most small business owners must juggle many different roles, and keeping track of the daily cash flow can be easy to overlook.


In this episode of Financial Cents, Zak Wagner, senior vice president and treasury management manager, joins guest host John Lewis, senior vice president and business banking regional manager, to discuss cash flow management for small businesses.


Though it may seem simple – money coming in and money going out – cash flow can be difficult to keep track of. Depending on the type of business, there could be hundreds of transactions a day happening: customer purchases, payments to vendors and routine bills. With so much money potentially coming in and going out each day, keeping track of a business’s daily cash flow is a critical part of keeping the business solvent and profitable.

“I’ve worked with a lot of small business owners over the years that have a ton on their plates. And sometimes they might not know the exact tools to leverage in managing cash flow.”
– John Lewis

According to Zak, the best cash flow management strategy is to make things as simple and efficient as possible. Managing cash flow should be done daily, but it’s best if it can be done efficiently and with little impact on the business owner’s busy schedule. And that’s where leveraging the relationship you have with your banker can really help, because they can help you identify banking products and solutions to simplify the process, giving you more time to spend doing what you love.


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