Preparing for a recession isn't what business owners want to think about. When is the next recession? What will happen to my business if the economy hits a downturn? We don’t know, but we can help you prepare for the worst. Tune into Financial Cents as we discuss effective business strategies should an economic downturn occur. Defining the problems and strategically developing long-term solutions with your business banker can be the game changer.

"When the economy turns, there is only so much you can control. So, while we cannot control the economy, what we can control are the decisions you make in your business," says John Lewis.

In this episode of Financial Cents, hosted by Brent Cannon, EVP, director of community banking at NB|AZ and podcast guest John Lewis, SVP, business banking manager, offers tips and strategies that business owners may wish to apply to their companies based on his experiences during the last downturn.





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