John Lewis, senior vice president and business banking regional manager, chatted with Tim, Ben and Brooke at KNIX Country to discuss money management tips and creative ways to save money. From advice to small businesses looking to stay on top of their finances to useful tips and strategies for individuals who may need a little help, John breaks it all down with the KNIX morning crew. As the Business Banking Manager, John Lewis and his team help provide financial guidance to many of Arizona’s small businesses.




John’s main message was that it’s best to keep open lines of communication with whomever you may have an obligation to, whether it’s a bank, lender or a landlord. “Communication is so important,” said John, “and everybody realizes that this is something we haven’t experienced before, and people are trying to work together to get through this, because it’s something none of us asked for and it’s something that none of us can really avoid. So, the more we work together, the better we are.”


Other topics John discussed with Tim, Ben and Brooke include:


  • Advice for small businesses who need help.
  • What to do if you can’t pay your rent or mortgage.
  • The best ways to go about borrowing money if you need it.
  • How to best handle debt if you’re struggling financially.
  • Effectively using credit cards.


How Can We Help?

If you have questions or concerns related to the coronavirus and your finances, we encourage you to reach out to one of our bankers. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, experiencing financial difficulties or just have a few questions, we’re here for you.