Phoenix, Ariz. – Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – When David Castillo started working with a business start-up consultant to help him navigate the journey of opening a private physical therapy practice in Camp Verde, Arizona, he was advised to work with National Bank of Arizona® (NB|AZ®) to obtain SBA financing. Central Arizona Sports and Physical Therapy is just one of the 93 small businesses NB|AZ funded in 2018 through SBA-guaranteed loan programs.

“I was told that National Bank of Arizona is the easiest and most cooperative bank to work with to secure financing,” said Castillo. “It’s true that Debbie Dickison (branch manager) was easy to work with and the bank’s application process and funding was also streamlined and quick. Because of their fast turnaround, I was able to open my new business sooner than I originally expected.”

“While our team of business bankers provides many more services than just loans, the number one need for most small businesses is capital, and we aim to fulfill that need,” said John Lewis, business banking regional manager and senior vice president of National Bank of Arizona.

Just 12 short months after announcing the launch of a focused team of eight business bankers, National Bank of Arizona’s SBA loan volume increased 272% in 2018. That’s almost 70 more loans than the previous year; what’s more, the community bank leapfrogged 13 spots in 2018 to rank No. 3, outpaced by only two national banks.

“I honestly can’t think of a better product to offer business clients that exhibits our sincere focus on small business innovation and growth. Over the past few years, we’ve spent a significant amount of time looking at how to improve our lending practices to meet the evolving needs of businesses in Arizona,” said Brent Cannon head of community banking and executive vice president for National Bank of Arizona.

As part of that transformation, National Bank of Arizona adopted many best practices from their counterpart, Zions Bank — a proven expert in SBA loans holding the No. 1 spot for 25 consecutive years in Utah and 17 years in a row in Idaho.

“Division partners at Zions Bank readily shared their best-in-class business lending practices with us,” said Cannon. “Not only have our bankers embraced the change, but they’ve also established streamlined execution and fulfillment, leveraging our organizational strength.”

Since obtaining his SBA loan through National Bank of Arizona in August of 2018, David Castillo also began the process of moving his entire personal and business banking relationships to NB|AZ.

“I found Debbie and her team at the branch to be very friendly and helpful whether I need to cash a check or get a distribution from my loan,” said Castillo. “So much so, that my wife and I have started moving all of our accounts from another bank in town to National Bank of Arizona. It’s refreshing to work with bankers who know my name and truly care about my business.”

Creating real connections and lasting, personal relationships with customers has been a cornerstone to NB|AZ’s business model for over 30 years.

“When a small business owner chooses to bank at National Bank of Arizona, it tells us they value having their banker by their side, not their bank on every street corner,” said Cannon. “At the end of the day, that’s what we take to heart.”


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Specializing in forming one-on-one relationships and providing superb customer service, National Bank of Arizona offers a broad suite of products and services for individuals and businesses—from consumers to executive and private banking clients and from small businesses to corporate and commercial clients. Since its founding in Tucson in 1984, NB|AZ has expanded to play a significant role in numerous communities across the state. Backed by the strength of Zions Bancorporation, customers get the resources they need with the responsiveness and personalized service they expect from a local bank. For more information, please visit

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