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National Bank of Arizona

The NB|AZ® 60+ Benefits Package

60 Plus Benefits Package is available for the following consumer checking accounts: NB|AZ Checking, InGroup Checking, NB|AZ Interest Checking, Value Connection Checking and Green Returns Checking. Not available to Executive Banking and Private Banking clients.

With the 60+ Benefits Package, you receive complimentary:

  • NB|AZ® custom checks (one order per year)
  • Cashier's checks
  • Small safe deposit box rental OR 25% discount on larger size¹
60 benefits package
There is nothing further for you to do to enroll in this package.

Once you apply for a NB|AZ® personal checking account, the 60+ Benefits Package will automatically be added
to your account based on birth year.

Simply sit-back and enjoy the NB|AZ® advantage!

1 Subject to availability. Other fees may apply.