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Your Wallet Is Now A Phone

Enjoy the conveneince of digital payments.

National Bank of Arizona offers our cardholders several digital payment options, so you can enjoy the one that's right for you. As a digital payment customer, you can experience a simple, personal and convenient way to pay every day.

Ready to enable your National Bank of Arizona debit and credit cards for digital payments? Get started by using the links below.  

If you're not quite ready and need to learn more about what digital payments are and how they work? Click here.

Digital Payment Options

Apple Pay®

Available for:
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Apple Watch®
Paired with iPhone 5 or later


iPad Pro, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3

Samsung Pay®

Available for:
Galaxy s6 edge+, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy s6 active

Android Pay

Available for:
Any Android device with OS 4.4 (KitKat) or later

Visa Checkout® 
Complete online purchases with more speed and security. Use with your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Simple. Personal. Convenient.

A digital payment refers to the use of a completely electronic transaction between the buyer and seller, replacing the use of exchanging cash, checks or physically swiping or inserting a card.

Digital payments are an increasingly popular way to pay for both goods and services. Customers that use digital payments enjoy the convenience of having payment capability easily available, as well as payment simplicity.

Here are some example scenarios:

  • You go to the gym and just grab your keys & phone, leaving your wallet or purse at home for safety and to travel light. On your way home, you realize you need milk for your breakfast. Instead of going home to get your money or card, you simply stop off at the store and make your payment using the card you've enabled on your phone. 
  • You're watching TV and you see a commercial for a local restaurant. You grab your iPhone that's sitting next to you and you search Groupon for a discount coupon. You find one and easily make the purchase using Apple Pay, which offers in-app purchases simply using TouchID.
  • You're shopping online from your computer and find something you want to buy. Your wallet or purse is in another room. No worries, though, with Visa Checkout® you can complete your purchase without getting your card and entering in your card details. You simply use Visa's one-click option and you're done.
The technology behind digital payments has developed with increased security in mind. A key technology is tokenization. Tokenization is a process that replaces the primary account number with a one-time value called a token. A token is only good for that one transaction. If that token was stolen, it would be meaningless for any other transaction.

Not all merchants can process digital payments today. However, as merchants further adopt the technology needed to process digital payments, this payment method will continue to grow making digital payments more ubiquitous.

There is no cost1 to enable your National Bank of Arizona debit or credit cards for digital payments. If you're interested in exploring which digital payment options are right for you, click here.

Understanding Digital Payment Security
As a National Bank of Arizona cardholder, you receive the same great services even when making digital payments.

24/7 Fraud Monitoring
We're always monitoring your account for suspicious activity and will attempt to contact you if we see something unusual. To ensure the best possible service, please maintain accurate contact information with the bank. To check to see if your information is up-to-date, log in to Online Banking or call 888-758-5349.

Visa®Zero Liability2
With Visa® Zero Liability you can shop with confidence, knowing you will not be held liable for any unauthorized purchases made with your card or account information. Learn more here.

Purchase Alerts3
Keep close track of purchases made with your card. Purchase Alerts are a one-way text communication that sends you notifications based on criteria you select. With Purchase Alerts, you have near real-time visibility of signature-based purchases via notifications sent to your mobile device or by email. Learn more about free enrollment here.

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts4
Register for our Mobile Card Fraud Alert service to receive a text message any time we see a potentially fraudulent transaction on your account. Learn more about free enrollment here.

Trademarks used are the property of their registered owner and National Bank of Arizona is neither affiliated with nor endorses these companies or their products/services.

  1. Mobile Payment Services - National Bank of Arizona does not charge for setting-up mobile payment services. However, standard text message and data rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. Available services are subject to change without notice. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.
  2. Visa® Zero Liability - Cardholder is not responsible for fraudulent charges made with their card or account information as long as they promptly notify National Bank of Arizona of unauthorized card use. Disputed transactions must post to your account before provisional credit will be issued. For specific conditions, limitations, and other details, please call the number on the back of your card.
  3. Purchase Alerts - Must be enrolled in Online Banking to enroll in Purchase Alerts. PIN-based debit card transactions are not eligible to receive alerts. Messages and data rates from your wireless provider may apply. Actual time to receive alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area.
  4. Mobile Card Fraud Alerts - National Bank of Arizona does not charge for this service. However, standard text message and data rates from your mobile phone carrier may apply. Available services are subject to change without notice. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.


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